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Patient-led Teledentistry

Give your patients a teledentistry choice

A brand new 

teledentistry system.

"The idea that every American, and perhaps eventually every human would have access to a fully licensed dentist, with their years of education and expertise, at the tips of their fingers is awe-inspiring. "

- Brian Vancil, DMD

Toothpic is a brand new teledentistry system that allows you to provide remote consults to your patients with ease. Integrating this technology into your practice can increase revenue, improve patient engagement and keep you at the forefront of preventative dental technology.


"What is truly exciting about this emerging field is being able to offer access to such a wide range of patients."

- Dr. Margaret Fusina

The Toothpic App

Using the Toothpic smartphone app, patients take six bright, clear images of their teeth and gums to give you a great view of the entire oral cavity. They also upload a brief case history and their symptoms for you to review. You can then log in to your Toothpic Virtual Office via any PC, Mac or laptop to give your advice and feedback to the patient. The case will stay queued for your review, so there is no need to be online at the same time as the patient - you can simply log in when you

have the time.

The Toothpic Virtual Office is your unique online portal for viewing and assessing your patient’s cases. The Virtual Office is secure and completely HIPAA compliant. It comes with a wide range of tools for assessing your patient’s oral health, allowing you to communicate clearly any problems you discover.

The Virtual Office

The only teledental solution for your practice.

It's time to step into the future of dentistry. Try Toothpic Direct now.

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